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Sightseeing Tour Of Kharkiv

Transport: Bus
Price: from 7$ / 50 UAH from one person 
Duration: 3 hours
The Prise includes: transport service, insurance, guide services
High level of service: Qualified guides and drivers, comfortable and clean bus salon

Sightseeing tour of the Kharkiv city open to you it in all its glory. During the tour you will see the most important attractions of Kharkiv. You will be able to learn more about its origin, development, and outstanding personalities. Kharkiv is the center of historical and ethnographic region of Slobozhanschina and the first capital of Soviet Ukraine! Kharkiv streets reminiscent to guests of the city of Saint-Petersburg, then Paris, then the old merchants' districts of Moscow...

During the trip, you will see the biggest square in Europe. Its architectural design was created when Kharkiv was the capital of Ukraine. Here is the first Ukrainian skyscraper - Gosprom building.

There was a fortress Kharkov XVII century on the territory of the old city, you will see the tallest building in the historic center, wich exceed the height of the famous bell-tower of Moscow Kremlin - the standard for the past times temple builders Russian. There is one of the most beautiful monument to TG Shevchenko in Kharkov of the 250 existing in the world. You will be able to visit a forest park on the memorial of Fame in honor of the victims of the Great Patriotic War.

You can admire the architecture of the city and learn about famous Kharkiv inhabitants, which has contributed greatly to the development of world science and culture. Darwin street is decorated by mansions built by talented architects of Kharkov, the author of five of them is A. Beketov.

Every conscious Kharkov tries to understand sooner or later the relationship between history of Kharkiv temples, houses and the city's history, the relationship between religion and culture of Slobozhanshchina. This subject is inexhaustible, because there are new and interesting stories lead us to majestic and beautiful world of Kharkiv.

On the roof of a house in our city froze the bronze figure of the violinist as a symbol of the enormous creative potential of all Kharkiv! Kharkiv - the best city to live!

This tour is classified as "Tour to Kharkiv".

Places to visit:

  • South railway station square
  • University Hill ('Universitetskaya Gorka')
  • Constitution square;
  • Liberty square;
  • Glory Memorial in Forest Park;
  • Darwin street.


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