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Ethnic tour of Poltava Region


Transport: bus Mercedes Sprinter, group of 15 people
Price of tour: from 22$ / 175 UAH per person
Duration of the tour: 2 days
The price includes: transport, services of the tour guide, insurance, admission tickets
The high level of service is granted: high-skill job of drivers and tour guides, comfortable and clean passenger compartment


Ukrainian traditions! Full immersion into the national culture, acquaintance with interesting and creative people! Discover Ukraine!"

You can visit Great Budyschy village, where is the only museum of wedding in Ukraine. Here you can see the unique ancient ceremonial wedding stuff (towels, shoes, photographs, etc.), collection of wedding dresses: from the luxury of expensive dresses brides from wealthy families to simple inexpensive skirts of the usual Ukrainian maiden. Here you can become heroes of the People's Action, to learn all the details of solemn ritual: preparing for the wedding, matchmaking, merry!

Another amazing place - a museum of Ukrainian pottery in Oposhnya village. It is an avowed capitalof pottery of Ukraine, one of the most famous centers of the cultural originality of Ukrainians. Here you can see not only finished products but also look at the process of transformation of clay in the marvelous dishes, and even to try to make something out of clay!

And, of course, you can visit one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine - the famous Dikanka. Dikanka's Hallmark is the Triumphal Arch, the only remaining building of the estate Kochubeev. The Arch was built in 1820 to commemorate the victory in 1812 over the French.

In Dikanka You will see a beautiful garden - "Violet Guy", planted for her granddaughter Kochubey. Visit Nicholas Church, built in 1794 in classical style by the architect of Lviv city. There is the tomb kind Kochubeev under the church, in the crypt, where buried five princes and three princesses.

During the tour beautiful girls in Ukrainian national costumes will offer you the most delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine in the cultural and entertainment restaurant near the "Prony Bowery close to Dikanka".

  • Places to visit:
  • Museum of the wedding. Great Budyschy
  • Museum of Ukrainian pottery in Oposhnya village
  • Arc de Triomphe, Nicholaevskaya church (Dikanka village)
  • Entertainment Restaurant "Prony Bowery close to Dikanka"


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