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The secrets of Zaporozhye region

Transport: bus Mercedes Sprinter, group of 15 people
Price: from 100$ / 800 UAH for one person
Duration of the tour: 2 days
The price includes: transport, services of the tour guide, insurance, admission tickets
The high level of service is granted: high-skill job of drivers and tour guides, comfortable and clean passenger compartment

Why do you think Zaporozhye is known around the world? Because of the longest avenue in Europe (12,8 km). Because of a new main street which is buried in verdure and blooming flowers. Zaporozhye has its own seven wonders: for example the Lenin Avenue mentioned before, Dnipro Hydro ElectroStation with the dam, which is completely unique. They say, that specially for construction of Dnipro HES the famous American constructor Thomas Cooper, who suggested to build the dam in a form of arc or elegant horse shoe as the locals call it. By the way it diameter is 600 meters and it is beautiful from different points of view.

One more wonder is Holy Khortitsa, which is one of seven Ukrainian wonders. There is an assumption that the island was called by the old Russian pagan god of the Sun. If the rocks of Khortitsa could talk, they would tell many truthful and not so truthful stories and legends, secrets and myths. The special spirit of the Cossacks is felt here, because the brightest historical fact are connected with the period of ZaporozhskayaSech. And it's not surprising that this places attracted famous people, who found inspiration here.

The secrets of Khortitsa the island of sanctuaries are the part of megalithic sights of the Brazen and Bronze Age. There are also ancient stone masonry, tumuli and other sacred monuments on the territory of archeological excavations near the complex of "ZaporozhskayaSech", tumulus field, The Sanctuary and religious complex in gully of Big Molodnyaga.

It is indisputable, that humans always wanted to protect himself from uncertainty. The means used for protection were provided by everyone's own religion, such as sacred symbols, which were placed everywhere. So the symbol has become the reflection of one's believes. You can find the most ancient and the most honored sacred symbols in Cossack Museum.

The geological uniqueness of "Stone Tomb" national reserve park became the cause of conjectures about artificial origin of the monument. There is a legend about two Russian warriors, who got in a fight and started throwing rock at each other. And now there is the "Stone Tomb" on the place of their fight. There are not only petroglyphs (from Greek – "stone carving"), but also ancient examples of writing, which prove the highly developed culture of our ancestors.

And do you know a lot about Popov's castle legends, about Lysaya Mountain, which is famous because of legends about mystique rituals, esoterisism, witch Sabbaths? What is the truth and what is just a fancy story? Let's find the answers together!

The places to be attended:

First day

  • Leaving Kharkov
  • Meeting with the guide in Zaporozhye, ity sightseeing tour by bus
  • The Khortitsa island: National reserve park "Khortirsa", the tour around the sanctuaries
  • Check-in at the hotel
  • Free time

Second day

  • Check-out from the hotel
  • Popov's castle
  • Lysaya mountain
  • Stone tombnational reserve park
  • Leaving to Kharkov


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