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Kharkov: love story

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Kharkov is a city of romanticists and of interesting love stories. One has met a spring of the inspiration, other – his second "half". Among them there are simple and well-known citizens and visitors of the city. Sweet-hearts make often a date in the parks and gardens, on the quays, at the monuments, in the historical places, because they are the symbols of the beauty and eternity, the symbols of the main –the extension of your life!

People fall in love at all times at any age. One of the most popular places of the sweethearts is the Terrace public garden. The border of the gold-domed temples and monasteries, Scovoroda monument, the block pavement and the river inspirit this place special atmosphere. So harmonious are paintings of the artists against the background of the picturesque nooks near the wall of the Pokrovsky Monastery.

The architectural decoration of Darwin Street is considered, by right, a pearly necklace of Kharkov. Really, it's very difficult don't be surprised by the beauty of these houses. Old – ages mansions, built by the talented architects of Kharkov, remind the houses in the style of the middle Ages. The just-married are photographed often against the black-ground if these buildings. The painters (artists) paint city's views.

An original monument for young sweethearts, who are frozen in the first kiss, let us be touched. This kissing pair is a personification. To the author's mind, these are sweethearts, who don't pay attention to around. On the benches under the beautiful lanterns often you can mark the enormous twosomes.

One of the symbols of Kharkov, undoubtedly, is the fountain – pavilion Mirrow Stream. Illuminated design of the pavilion gives the effect of a hovering crystal place in the sky, back lighted of the different colors. It's one of the brightest, sparkling and romantic places in the city.

The pedestrian suspension bridge over the river (Kharkov-river) has got one of the popular places recently. The bridegroom has to carry over the bridge the bride and they have to fix the padlocks round the barrier, so their family will be close-knit.

It's very important for every person to be closely related to the past. Especially, when two persons carry on a dialogue about eternal love!

This tour is classified as "Tour to Kharkiv".

Places to visit:

  • Public garden "Strelka"
  • Darvin street
  • Mirrow –stream
  • Monument of sweethearts
  • Terrace public garden



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