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Pedestrian city tour about Kharkov

Price: from 4$ / 35 UAH for one person
Duration: 2-3 hours
The Prise includes: transport service, insurance, guide services

Pedestrian tour about the city opens you the all city in its grandeur. During the tour you'll see the main places of interest. You'll learn its origin, its development and its outstanding people. Kharkov is a centre of the historical - ethnographical region of Slobozhanshchyna and it's the first capital of Ukraine! Kharkov's streets remind city's visitors or St.-Petersburg or Paris or age-old merchant districts of Moscow...

On the territory of the old city, where the Kharkov's stronghold was, you can see the highest building of the historical centre. It exceeds the well-known bell tower of the Krenilin. This bell tower is a standard for the all Russian architects in times past. One of the most beautiful (from 250 in the world) monuments to the great son of the Ukrainian people T. Shevchenko was placed in Kharkov.

You can admire city's architecture and learn about outstanding persons of Kharkov, who have brought a great contribution to the history of the world science and culture. Darvin – Street is decorated with the mansions, built by the talented architects. Beketov was one of them and he was the creator 5 buildings.

Every conscious citizen tries to fathom, sooner or later, a tie between the history of the temples, houses and the history of the city, a tie between the religion and the culture of Slobozhanshchyna. The theme is inexhaustible, because there are many new interesting stories, which are guides to the searching for the new and the beautiful.

On the roof of one's house there is a frozen violinists figure, like a symbol of the colossal creative potential of the all citizens of Kharkov.

This tour is classified as "Tour to Kharkiv".

Places to visit:

  • University Hill: Uspensky Cathedral
  • The Pokrovsky monastery: Pokrovsky Cathedral, Ozeryanska Bozya Mater Church
  • Terrace public garden, Scovoroda monument
  • Constitution Square
  • Sunska – Street
  • Roman – Catholic Cathedral of Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Mirrow Stream
  • T.Shevchenko monument
  • Scientist Palace
  • Architects square
  • Darvin Street


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