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Local history by Rybalchenko

Transport: bus
Price of tour: from 12,5$ / 100 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 5-6 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service, insurance, folk group performance, tea with pie
High level of provided service: guide and drivers qualified work, comfortable bus  

There is one very considerable and unusual rare feature of local history. There aren't "levels" in it, that is to say it isn't divided into "the local history for the scientists" and "the local history for the public". This science is enough generally used and available. It exists, because the broad take part in its forming, formation and learning. Thanks to this fact, the local history takes a unique place in the science system. It takes the people not only love to their local areas, but the regard, for them. Those people, who are interested in the local history, need some knowledge in sciences such as History, Geography, Literary and Natural, History. Of course, your cultural level gets higher; you get a habit to read popular science literature, to meet with the specialists and to organize your own collections.

The local history brings into the area, which hasn't got "authority roots", the feeling of the history, it shows in its pasts (even it isn't so old) something absolutely new and invaluable. When you bring out, who lived in one or another house, what kind of fate of its owner was, what was created at that place, so this building is for you already particular and it changes pouring with some spiritual sense. The town, the village, the history, what we are learning about them at this time, changes. The landscape changes, if we know, what events, battles and biographies are tied with it. The nature gets more meaningful, more than usual beautiful and picturesque, because of the realizing that just it is painted on the Repin's, Kuidgy's or Shishkin's master pieces. Agree, we feel so deep those places, which are related to the works by Chekhov and Bulgakov, Gogol and Esenin.

The well-known student of local lore, the painter, the writer and the researcher of the antiquity Rostislav Kirillovich Rybalchenko tells and shows much interesting, exciting, unexpecting and worth to your attention. And all of it will be accompanied with the live performance of the songs of Slobozhanshchyna.

Places to visit:

  • The coutry-estate of Rybalchenko (town Malya Danilovka, Dergachov region)

Program of the tour:

  • trip about the country-estate in the informal atmosphere with the student of local lore, the writer and just a kind man – Rostislav Rybalchenko;
  • concert program of the well-known folk band;
  • tea-drinking in the pavilion.


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