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Parks and fountains of Kharkov

Transport: bus
Price of tour: from 7$ / 50 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 3 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service, insurance
High level of provided service: guide and drivers qualified work, comfortable bus  

When they say about paradise, they fancy the Eden with lots of the green juicy grasses and colorful flowers. Certainly, there is murmur of the water and pipe of the cheerful birds. From of old people have been dreaming to create similar to these gardens and parks on the Earth. It Kharkov also there are some paradise places, where you can forget your daily troubles and affairs and enjoy placatory fascinating voices of the fountains.

Perhaps, nobody will be indifferent, passing by the wonderful sparking fountains, which are playing with marry shining in the sun splashes. In our technological century, with its super tasks, we begin to value more than usual the places, where we feel from fuss. Parks and fountains of Kharkov remind us about simple life happiness and make us energetic.

When twilight comes in the city, little by little wrapping up it with fascinating power and mystery, the colorful lights rise on the throne. It's time for the sweethearts and romanticism.

Kharkov appears in another view-splendid and brilliant.

  • Places to visit:
  • Rudnev Square
  • Terrace public garden
  • Mirror Stream
  • Kharkov Opera house
  • Cascade
  • Shevchenko Garden
  • Art yard
  • Gorky Garden
  • Architect Square
  • Privokzalna Square


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