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Tempting Poltava

Transport: bus
Price of tour: from 20$ / 160 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 15-16 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service, insurance, entrance ticket
High level of provided service: guide and drivers qualified work, comfortable bus  

Poltava is a model of Ukrainian national culture. It's a cozy town with its measured living and with unique architectural monument. It's a scientific and cultural centre of the Central Ukraine.

The visiting of Poltava begins with the Round Square (before Alexandrovskay). This central town's square was laid in 1804 and it's one of the most important town-building ensembles of the age of the classicism.

Then you can visit the Museum of local lore-one of the oldest museums of Ukraine. Nowadays in this museum there are nature-, archaeology-, ethnographer departments, departments of the history XIV –b. XX centuries and the history XX – b.XXI centuries. Also there's "Sokrovishniza" in the museum, where the most unique exhibits are presented. The building of the museum is included in the list of the national importance sights.

Then you'll visit the White Rotunda – one of the most popular places for the tourists and visitors of the town. It was unveiled in honour of bicentenary the 200-th of the great Battle of Poltava in 1909 and it was built just on the place, where Podol bastion was at the time of the battle.

One memorial stone, with carving on it words from the Ipaty chronicle, is not far from this Rotunda.

On this hill, called Ivanova Gora, you'll see an unusual monument devoted to one of the town's symbols – "Poltavska Galushka". One day it saved the town. It symbolizes prosperity of a family. It presents a deep plate with 12 galushkas and a spoon on the special pedestal.

In this quiet picturesque nook in the historical part of Poltava, you can visit the Museum – Place of the well-known Ukrainian poet Kotlyarevsky. The place renovation was possible due to watercolor sketch of T.G. Shevchenko. It was in honour of the 200-th anniversary of the poet.

Then you have lunch and after it you visit the State Historical and Cultural reserve "The Field of the Poltava Battle". It's the only reserve, which is included in the list "International association of the world's Military-historical museums" (LAIM AM), under UNESCO aegis.

Finally you'll visit the Krestovozdvizhensky monastery, which is one of the national monuments.

Places to visit:

  • Round Square
  • Museum of local lore
  • White Rotunda
  • The Museum-Place of Kotlyarevsky
  • Reserve "The Field if the Great Poltava Battle"
  • Krestovozdvizhensky monastery (nunnery)


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