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Creative weekend

Transport: Mercedes Sprinter
Price of tour: from 10$ / 80 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 6 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service, insurance, master class 
High level of provided service: guide and drivers qualified work, comfortable bus  

The weekend for the creation! Go for a walk around the favorite places of Grigory Skovoroda, feeling inspired with the spring forest. Make yourself one "obereg" under the careful tuition of the folk masters.

"Obereg" is an item, which has got mystery ability for keeping its owner from different unhappiness. It protects your house, brings love, prosperity and happiness.

The "oberegs" are not only "decorations" but also they are "deep" symbols, for examples:

  • cereals – prosperity;
  • sacking – plenty;
  • plaint – endlessness and continuity of a family;
  • coin – be successful;
  • sack – happiness in your house;
  • man's and woman's figures tied with the thread – love and indissolubility of bonds;
  • turned down besom – sweeps litter from your house;
  • turned up besom – for money.

In fact, we know about the ancient Slavs and about their mystery a little. That's why we try to practice. Because you know, sometimes one "obereg" is right for one person, but it can't do for another. And in this situation everything must be done in practice. The practice decides everything, only practice and nothing but practice. But who will argue about, that at first you must learn just a little to the theory.

Why is it so important to be closer to this ancient knowledge of our forefathers? Simply! Our roots go just into these traditions and customs and to reject – is an equivalent of negation of the generation relation. Breathing new life into the old traditions, we find a family's power and we get a part of it.

"Obereg" is a part of our national culture and of our native land!

Places to visit:

  • Skovoroda spring (village Vysoky, Kharkov region)
  • Pear glade


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