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Old estates of Kharkov (Sharovka, Natalevka, Parkhomovka)

Transport: Bus
Price of tour: from 19$ / 155 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 9 - 10 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service, insurance, maintenance guide.
High level of provided service: entrance fees, meals

Sharovsky palace and park ensemble streatch on the slopes of a deep beam in an enviroment of a wood. Decoration of the old park in Sharovka are terraces with broad stairs and picturesque ponds. Walking around here on the shady avenues, it is necessary to admire only with skill and talent of landscape designers which could foresee as it will look and in 100 years. Untill now, the composite center of manor is a two-story palace with lancet windows, front door is decorated with columns. The interior state rooms, which are now preserved, convey the peculiar elegance inherent in the best countryside residences of the late 19th - early 20th century.

In Natalevskom park is a real pride of these places - a small church, which has great architectural value. Merciful Saviour Church was built specifically to hold a unique collection of ancient russian art and rare icons.In Nice (France)there is its copy.This church – one of the best structures of similar type of beginning XX of a century in Ukraine.

Half a century ago in a small village in Slobozhanschyna, Parkhomovka at a local school was opened the rural art museum first in the country. In Parkhomovskii Historical and Art Museum you can admire the originals by Picasso, Levitan, Roerich, Van Dyck, Benoit, Pizarro, Serov, Vasnetsov, Repin, Shishkin, Konenkov! There is also the author of "Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich, Mayakovsky. The museum contains priceless paintings, ceramics, sculptures, icons, images of saints on the canvases of the XIX and XX centuries. It even has a shroud of XVII century, woven with silver and gold threads, icon, written on the skull of the fish!

Places to visit:

  • Sharovsky complex landscape art.
  • Historic mansion in Kharitonenko Natalevke.
  • Parkhomovskii History and Art Museum.



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