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Scandalous and romantic love stories

Transport: bus
Price: from 7$ / 50 UAH for one person.
Duration: 3 hours
The price includes: transport service, guide services, insurance, maintenance guide.


Kharkov is one of the most romantic cities.

Old central streets witnessed many dates. If the buildings could talk, they would tell us a lot of interesting and amazing love stories.

During the excursions you'll hear the stories about real people and their life. Though these stories may seem to be fairy-tales. You'll learn secrets of many famous people.

Were these people happy? What made them be with each other? How did their love story begin and end? What were they looking for in these relations? How did these meetings influence their life and work?

Love stories are always interesting to be told! And since the times immemorial people sought for happiness and tried to find the instructions for a never-ending love.

There is such a recipe in Kharkov.

And you'll surely know it at the end of the excursion. More than that, you'll be able to have a magic ritual at the Lover's Bridge. Who knows, Kharkov may become the keeper of your happiness.

In this atmosphere of romance, tender feelings and strong emotions you'll make sure that Kharkov is the city full of love.


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