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The lights of the evening Kharkov

Transport: bus
Price: from 7$ / 50 UAH for one person.
Duration: 3 hours
The price includes: transport service, guide services, insurance, maintenance guide.


Nothing can be compared with the evening walk around Kharkov. The city seems to change its businesslike suit into the sparking evening dress. The buildings lit with the evening lights seem to be mysterious.

The main and the most beautiful sights of the city are visited during the excursion.

Universitetskaya Gorka… This is the place where the city was founded. The excursion starts with the story about ancient Kharkov.

From the observation point you’ll see an amazing panorama of the city in the evening that looks like the valley of lights.

Walk to the Constitution Square and you’ll have a feeling that the city’s turned into the a fairy corner of the Universe, where the reality is influenced with the dreams. The buildings in the Constitution Square look especially romantic in the evening. And the stories of love and life of those who created these architectural masterpieces seem to be more intriguing.

Then we go on Sumskaya Street.

Sumskaya Street is a real keeper of old times, and it will tell you a lot of surprising stories. The late evening is the best time to depict the secrets, to learn the myths and legends. Then this street, full of mystery and admiration, will lead you to the Svoboda Square.

Svoboda Square is the most spectacular in the evening. And here you’ll be also able to hear unforgettable romantic stories.

The evening excursion is the possibility to feel the atmosphere of elegance and beauty of the historical part of the city. Look at the well-known sights that seem to be different in the evening lights.


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