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Kharkov during the Great Patriotic War

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Duration of excursion: 3 hours
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Kharkov is the only city in Ukraine onthe territory of which three important strategical war operations took place. In these operations three fronts forces and ten
armies took part.
More than 400000 our fellow-townsmen took part in the battles. More than 270000
people were awarded. 252 Kharkovites were awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union. And three of them — A. Nedbailo, P. Pokryshev, Z. Slusarenko were awarded twice. Such women as V. Grisodubova, N. Volkova, M. Kyslyak, M. Shcherbachenko, M. Shkarletova also became the Heroes of the Soviet Union.
In commemoration of liberation of the city on 23, August, 1943, ten divisions were
named "Kharkovskaya".
The best tank, a glorious model of T-34, was made at the Kharkov plant. During the war years more than 35000 tanks were made and sent to the front. The first «Katyusha», a lorry-mounted multiple rocket launcher, fired a volley at the enemy tanks an hour later it left had the plant.
More than sixty streets and avenues of the city are named after the heroes of the
war, such as marshals G. K. Zhukov and Konev, generals P. S. Rybalko and L. Svoboda, colonel I. O. Tankopiyi, major E. B. Akhsarov, as well as a foreign officer O. Yarosh.
After the war Kharkov was one of the most destroyed cities in Europe. Many valuable architectural monuments were ruined.
Art masterpieces such as works by Rubens, Velasques, Durer, Van Dyke were taken to Germany.

Kharkov zoo was also destroyed. Almost five thousand species of animals were killed in the zoo during the war years. A. N. Tolstoy wrote after visiting the
city in 1943, "I saw Kharkov. It looked like Rome, when it was destroyed in the fifth century by the horde of German barbarians. A huge cemetery..."


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