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Transport: Bus
Price of tour: from 20$ / 155 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 8 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service, insurance


Town are just like people... Each has its own destiny. There is the town, that is a so-called a child of love, that was destined to be born according to the will of the monarchs. And its "parents" set definite hopes on it... But everything was different... About 450 years ago the town of Chuguev was founded. It was well known all over Russia. As there were tsar's vineyards on this generous land. 'Ihere were tsar's hunting grounds with deer, roes, wild boars, bears. And 200 years ago the town became the centre of six military settlements. That is why a special attention was paid to it by the tsar.

We offer you an unforgettable journey to a small town near Kharkov. Many people know it as the place where a famous artist I. E. Repin was born, During the excursion you'll learn many interesting facts. And you'll hear amusing stories that surely will forever remain in your memory. A small Sloboda Ukrainian town of Chuhuyiv is now the only town in the country where the planning, separate buildings, and intact ensembles of the military settlement center have been preserved. From 1817 to 1858 the town used to be the center for six districts of military settlements established in 1810 by the order of Emperor Alexander I. It was during that period that the architectural looks of Chuhuyiv had been formed.

Its construction was carried out according to the typical projects developed by the Architectural Committee of the Central Administration of Military Settlements in St. Petersburg, headed by an outstanding architect V. Stasov. Among the most interesting buildings nowadays are the Military Settlements I leadquarters (district, division, regiment, brigade); the Holy Shroud Cathedral, the market, the City Hall, the former temporary Tsar’s premises, officers’ houses in Hvardiyska Street, separate buildings of military settlers.

Chuhuyiv is the birth place of the famous Russian artist Ilya Repin. Living far from Ukraine, he used to visit his native town frequently. It was here that he created many of his paintings. Ilya Repin’s last visit to Chuhuyiv took place in 1914.

There are two monuments to the artist in Chuhuyiv — one in the town’s central square, and the other — on the premises of the Art and Memorial Museum which has been in operation since 1969.


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