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Euro Package "Handicraft"

Price of tour: 30 euro / 316 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 2 hours
Included in price: entrance fee, photo and video, souvenir from the Park at the end of the tour.

The minimum number of tourists in the group-15 persons. 

Welcome to the unique place, where the cultural and architectural image of Detinets-Kremlin of Kiev of the V-XIII centuries is reconstructed in its original historical size 1:1. At the Park territory you can feel the atmosphere of those ancient times and get acquainted with culture, architecture and lifestyle of Kievan Rus.

The spectacular medieval battles, fascinating knights tournaments, unforgettable fire shows, trade fairs, theatrical musical-choreographic performances, the stunt shows, ethnic groups shows, horse riding - “The Kievan Rus Park” offers leisure for different taste

1. Meeting guests

    Theatrical meeting of the tourists groups at the Park entrance. All treat with kvass, beer or mead (on choice)


    2. Excursion on the territory of “The Kievan Rus Park” (approximately one hour)

    An experienced guide in a fascinating form will tell about the Project “The Kievan Rus Park”, the history of Kievan Rus and the Ancient Kiev, life and customs of our ancestors. On the territory of the Detinets and Predgrad’ye of Ancient Kiev tourists will be able to see and visit:

    -          the entrance gate Predgrad’ye of Kyiv with a defensive wall;

    -          the kievan dwellings of the X-XIII centuries;

    -          defensive wall with a length of 1.5km;

    -          the princely chamber (guest tribune);

    -          a tiltyard;

    -          the camp of Vikings and the camp of nomads;

    -          the exhibition of historical costumes and the exhibition of musical instruments.


    3. Entertainment program

    Watching the fascinating show-program of “The Kievan Rus Park” Theater, interactives with the audience.

    4. Master-classes:

     - pottery;

    - doll Motanka;

    - blacksmithing.



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