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Along the travelling philosopher`s paths

Transport: Bus
Price of tour: from 17$ / 130 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 4 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service.


Hryhoriy Skovoroda, an outstanding Ukrainian philosopher and poet, has lived a significant part of his life in Sloboda Ukraine. At Kharkiv Collegium he taught ethics, rhetoric, poetics, Greek, Latin, and then for almost 20 years he was travelling, staying at his acquaintances' and friends' places in Sumy, Valky, Kharkiv, Babayi, Lebedyn, he also often stayed in Pan-Ivanivka at the Kovalivskyis' manor.

Here, in this village, he found his last home. In 1922 the village was renamed into Skovorodynivka, and a Memorial Park was created. In 50 years a monument (sculptor I. Kavaleridze) to the travelling philosopher and poet was installed at the entrance to the Park, close to Hryhoriy Skovoroda's grave.

Skovoroda Literature and Memorial Museum, housed in an ancient manor, a listed building of the 18th century, was opened in I960. In 2008 it was upgraded to the national status. One of its rooms is a memorial one. The genuine environment of the house in Skovoroda's last days has been reproduced here: a writing desk with books and manuscripts on it, goose-quills, a bed covered with a quilt, a peasant's overcoat on the wall.

The building is surrounded by an old park, After having a walk along the shady alleys you may stroll down to the pond and sit under an ancient oak, A narrow path will take you to the well of spring water called the Skovorodynian well.

Today we give our fresh appraisal concerning the services of the great figure whose works have been translated into more than 15 languages and whose heritage thousands of basic scientific works have been devoted to.


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