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A Village Art Museum (Parkhomovka)

Transport: Bus
Price of tour: from 20$ / 155 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 5 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service.


The country's first village Art Museum was opened at a local school in a small Sloboda Ukrainian village of Parkhomivka half a century ago. Thanks to the cooperation of its founder, a History schoolteacher Panas Lunyov, with creative societies of Kharkiv, Moscow, Leningrad, as well as with Berlin and Dresden Picture Galleries, a unique collection had been gathered. In October 2008 the History and Art Museum was named after its founder.

Parkhomivka Museum collection (nowadays it is a structural subdivision of Kharkiv Art Museum) comprises paintings, exhibits of graphic art, sculpture, arts and crafts, archeology and ethnography. Here you may enjoy seeing the works by West-European, Russian and Ukrainian artists, including the world-known ones like Van Dyck, D. Levitan, G. Piranesi, P. Picasso, V. Vereshchagin, I. Shyshkin, M. Saryan, T. Shevchenko, T. Yablonska and others.

The Museum is situated in a two-storied mansion of Count I.F. Pidgorichani, erected in the style of ancient Florentine palaces.

The Holy Shroud Church, which used to be part of the country estate premises, has survived until now. Designed by Chief Province Architect P.Yaroslavskyi and built in 1808 in the popular at the time classical style, the church has an interesting peculiarity — two bell towers. Experts believe it is a kind of interpretation of a three-dome church concept, an allusion to the 17-th century Ukrainian architecture.


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