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Savior Church

Transport: Bus
Price of tour: from 20$ / 155 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 5 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service.


The authors of the Transfiguration Church, among them the famous professionals of their time — architect 0. Shchusev, sculptors 0. Matveyev and S. Konyonkov, painter 0. Savinov - had no idea that almost a hundred years later their church would be called 'the gem of Sloboda Ukraine. This small church, as if hiding from curious glances among slender aspens, white- bark birch-trees and massive oaks, was erected in 1913 in the country estate of Natalivka, in the vicinity of the village of Volodymyrivka in Krasnyi Kut region.

No public worship was ever held in the Transfiguration Church — the Kharytonenkos' family, known industrialists and a philanthropists, used it to keep there their exclusive collection of the 12th- 17th-century icons and church antiquities. Built in the style borrowed from Pskov and Novhorod, the Transfiguration Church is a real object of art. Its walls are decorated by 16 roundels, finished by 0. Matveyev, while Crucifixion, a work by S. Konyonkov, has survived on the northern wall. A section of the park comprising some exotic types of trees, has survived too, and so have the entrance gate, the housekeeper's house, and the water tower whose roof is decorated with exotic tin dragons.

In the early 1900s Natalivka turned into a kind of cultural center. Famous artists, sculptors and opera singers used to come here. Their singing could be heard all over the village, as the concerts were held in an open air, in an apple orchard, planted on special kinds of tcrraces. Now they are known far beyond the borders of Kharkiv Land as singing terraces. The part of the garden in the vicinity of Horodnye village got this name because of the amazing effect produced by its arch-like terraces facing the sun, so they could mu only preserve the warmth for a long time but also transmit sounds.


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