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Dykanka, Bolshye Boudishcha, Oposhnya

Transport: Bus
Price of tour: from 24$ / 190 UAH per person
Duration of excursion: 10 hours
Included in price: transport service, guide service.



Many people know and love the exciting stories collected in the book "Evenings at the Farmstead near Dykanka" written by Go¬gol. Many different events took place in the neighbourhood: fairs, festivities, happy wed¬dings, unhappy love, riding the devil, water nymph dances during festive nights... and all this took place next to the village of Dykanka.

The picturesque place, glorified by Gogol is situated in the thick woods of the Poltava region. Now Dykanka is a rather big settle¬ment.

Even nowadays it has its original fea¬tures. At Christmas Eve maskers roam the streets, they sing Christmas carols and orga¬nise street festivities.

At Trinity Sunday the houses are full of thyme and cornflower aroma.

The most mysterious holiday is Ivana Ku- pala night. A sacred fire is burnt and young boys and girls dance and jump over it. If you smell pies in the streets of Dykanka, this means it is time for weddings.

In spring, when lilac is in blossom, the "Lilac songs" festival takes place.

Bolshye Boudishcha.

Wedding Ceremony Museum

In the village of Bolshye Boudishcha in the Poltava region a wedding ceremony museum is opened. Now all newly-weds hurry from the registry office... to the mu¬seum!


It is really impossible to get to Oposhnya by chance. This village is situated far from the main roads and routes, in the middle of the Poltava region. You may miss the name of the village on the map, but it is well- known far beyond Ukraine. This name is a trademark. As its ceramics is well-known. This art appeared here in the Xllth century or even earlier.

There is a National reserve museum of Ukrainian ceramics, Memorial museum of the Poshyvailo family, and one more muse¬um named after the potter to the right of the road. There are three museums in a small settlement! This proves that Oposhnya is the main centre of Ukrainian ceramics.


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