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Chernobyl - Familiarization study tour

Date: Every Saturday
Price: 160$
Transport: Bus
Duration: 1 day
The price includes:
  • accompanying guide;
  • paper work;
  • transportation service comfortable bus;
  • health insurance.
The price does not include:
  • train tickets to Kiev;
  • meal.

Chernobyl - Familiarization study tour!

Chernoble with this word is connected many memoirs, the worst accident which was more than 20 years ago.  A lot of people had to leave their homes, belongings and go somewhere far away, in order to survive.

If you visit Chernobyl you will remember this journey for a long time. During the trip you will find details of the accident, the current state of the exclusion zone, walking the streets of Pripyat - a ghost town without inhabitants, where the spirit hovers around the Soviet Union.

Departure: 16.06 - English-language group

Tour programme

8:00 Departure time from Kiev. The road to the Chernobyl zone.

10:00 Arriving at the gate "Dityatki" (the first checkpoint on the border of a 30-km zone of Chernobyl). Verification of documents and entry into the exclusion zone.

10:30 Familiarization study tour of the Chernobyl zone

14:00 Pure environmental lunch in the dining room "Chernobyl special plant." All products are tested and delivered from ecologically clean regions.

15:00 - 17:00 Chernobyl

Continued familiarization tour of the cognitive-Chernobyl zone.

17:00 Chernobyl zone

End-cognitive familiarization trip. We leave the city and the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Passing of radiation monitoring .

19:00 Arriving in Kiev (approximately)

Notes: All tour participants must be at the age of 18 or older with no medical contraindications to visit the area of increased ionizing radiation. Clothes should be tight and closed as long sleeves, closed shoes preferably with thick soles. Entry into the Area is allowed only in the presence of a passport.

Not allowed: short pants, shorts, skirts and open shoes, clothes with short sleeves.

Booking conditions: the application is showing sightseer name, date of birth, passport series and number, citizenship, and contacts.

Safety of travel: the level of exposure, which can be obtained in this trip, less than a medical x-rays, and is approximately equal to a dose of a flight on a passenger jet.

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